Fair Usage Policy

What is Fair Use Policy (FUP)

The Internet is like shared space and consequently, how you use it may affect other clients. This is where Fair Use Policy (FUP) comes into play. Fair Use Policy is a means to monitor and control international bandwidth capacity to give all clients fair access.

The Fair Use Policy ensures that this international bandwidth capacity is not used excessively by some while others suffer on their account. 

To ensure that each customer gets a fair share of internet band width, zProxies follows international best practice and prioritising time and to prevent excessive use of this capacity by a small number of clients (it is at the expense of other clients after all), zProxies has drafted this Fair Use Policy. These conditions are also included in the general conditions.

A fair use policy applies for use of IPv6 DC for the time being. This means that no fixed data limit is set to the amount of data traffic that you are allowed to generate. This also means that we can intervene if you frequently generate significantly more traffic than the average for the corresponding subscription/order. This has the advantage that you are allowed to generate more data traffic occasionally, as long as the average data traffic over longer periods is not significantly higher than that of other clients.

Like all internet services, we pay for the bandwidth made available. This means that every megabyte you use costs us money. An average consumption is therefore already taken into account in our sales prices. When, in our opinion, you have exceeded the determination of this fair use policy, we reserve the right to block the subscription/order. You will be made aware of this in advance of course and we will first try to find a suitable solution, as long as misuse does not play a role.

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