Frequently Asked Questions

Can you rotate or replace IP's?

Under certain circumstances we’re happy to replace or rotate the assigned IP’s – Please reach out to support as this is a manual process.

Do you have an affiliate system?

Yes, we do have contact us on our email for more details

Do your proxies work with all websites?

You need to be sure weather the website is supporting the proxy you order, for example if you order IPv6 then you need to verify if the website it does support IPv6 protocol, for more information please contact us before make the order

What limits do you have for bandwidth and threads?

Our proxies come with unlimited bandwidth and threads. You may need to provide justification for extreme bandwidth usage. Your services May be suspended or terminated and we may ask you about the excessive usage and reserve the right, if we find it necessary, to limit your connection or asking you to upgrade to another plan so as to secure other client’s usage on our servers. Client assumes liability for all bandwidth to and from their services.

Are the proxies compatible with my software?

Our proxies can work on most software. If your software supports IP, Port, most likely you will be able to use our proxies on the your software. We also offer a free trial and you may use the same to test the proxies for your use case.

IP location / IP address lookup (Websites show different country/city as proxy’s location)

Our proxies for sure they are at the right location as it show in your order and proxy dashbard. IP Location checking tools don`t regularly update their location database, and this may result of showing different location, these websites take 1-10 weeks to update their IP location database.

What is the billing cycle?

We offer Monthly as a primary billing cycle – If you need the IP’s secured for a longer period of time you will have a grace period before we remove the IP’s – alternatively contact support.

Can I downgrade or upgrade my proxies?

Currently we don`t support the upgrade or downgrade the number of proxies or the type of service, you need to cancel the old one and order a new one, please contact us for more details

How many packages can I have at any one time?

As many as you need – We understand you may need small amounts of proxies across the globe and end up with 3-4 different packs in different regions – Fear not – our billing system will provide updates on expiry for the different regions and history of your package individually.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes – We’ve love for you to trial our proxies – contact us by email

Do you utilise IPv6 networking?

Yes! IPv4 is depleted – it’s now time for a new generation of IP’s, By shopping with us not only are you utilising this next generation technology you’re actively pushing us and more companies into adapting it!

I'm Confused - Can someone help me?

Yes! If at any point you’re not sure how to use the proxies – what they’re for or if you’re doing something correctly reach out to us, we’re here to help!

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